SEO - Search
Engine Optimisation

“Make your website findable on Google, by SEO.

Did you know that 76% of clicks on the first page of search results come from the first 5 positions?
We focus on positioning yourself in these first 5 results for maximum profitability, either branding, conversions or sales. We position your site in search engines.We increased the Leads, Sales and visibility of your brand online.

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PPC - Pay per Click Google Ads

“Make Money form Google Adwords

You know you can be in 1st position by Google Adwords and pay less. Our goal is to optimize your investment, to get more conversions for less money. Increase Your Return on Investment, increase leads, sales or visibility of your brand online. We create campaigns that target your industry. Optimize ads to increase the percentage of effective Clicks (clickthrough rate).Reduce the cost per click (CPC).Improve the Quality Score of your campaigns to increase ROI.

Content & Link Development

We understand, better than most, exactly how much effort needs to be put into your written copy in order for you to see results. That’s why we work very closely with our clients on developing solid copy and building additional channels where copy can be used to improve results.

Link Building

A major aspect of the search engine algorithm is the acquisition of high quality links from authoritative and trusted sources. It’s a chief component in how rankings are dictated and where you will appear in search engine results. Simply put, the more quality links you have, the more traffic you can expect to see.

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How Long? How we do?

Depends on the difficulty of your industry, your page and your goal.
The SEO requires hours of work and knowledge, since
Google is constantly changing, so SEO strategies are constantly

SEO is not fast, it requires perseverance, knowledge and time.But however, it is profitable, very profitable.

We analyze your market and competition.
We optimize the structure of the site.
We improve the content and other stuffs of your site.
We popularity campaigns.
We train your team in writing optimized content.
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